Roads and Motorways

Roads and Motorways are essential for all economic activities. As most of the transport in Spain is by road, an adequate renovation and upkeep is crucial to make this expensive infrastructure profitable.

imesAPI’s main activity in this area is that of conservation and operation. We currently manage around 9,500 km of roads and motorways, whether National, Autonomic, Provincial or regional. We also manage road safety. Our company is qualified to perform audits in road safety, to study accident by sections and suggest options and improvements conducive to reducing risk.

We also carry out the renovation of installations in tunnels, in compliance with the Royal Decree 635/2006, as well as their management. Of note: imesAPI is a partner in the management of two of Spain’s most important tunnels: Calle 30 and Somport tunnel.

Related to upkeep and often derived from it, imesAPI also performs renovation and improvement works, reinforcement of pavements, restoration of bridges, remodelling of intersections, improvements in signs and equipment, including emergency works where necessary.

Our Services

Installations and Management of Tunnels
Rehabilitation and Improvement
Winter Serviceability
Emergency Works
Rehabilitation of Tunnels
Treatment of Roadsides

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