Highway Engineering

Another area of imesAPI’s Conservation and Environment Division is Highway consultancy, which focuses on road safety and traffic analysis.

As for the management of road safety, Spain’s compliance with the objectives set by the European Commission on reduction of victims in traffic accidents is remarkable. At imesAPI, we are proud of participating in the achievement of those goals.

Tasks imesAPI performs:

  • Road Safety Management
  • Road Safety Audits
  • Studies and traffic count
  • Responsible for Safety in Tunnels

Road safety management includes the study of accident concentration stretches, analysis of accident rate and proposal of solutions to improve each specific case.

Road safety audits consist of an independent detailed systematic and technical verification of the safety of a road’s design in various phases, from the draft to the operation in its initial phase. For this purpose, imesAPI has 2 road safety auditors.

As for tunnels we manage the safety of installations, providing the necessary personnel and we coordinate drills.

Finally, traffic counts are crucial for infrastructure planning.

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Road Safety
Road Safety Audits
Traffic Count
Responsible for Safety in Tunnels

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