API Movilidad | Innovation

I+D vision

For API MOBILIDAD innovation is a fundamental pillar, always seeking to optimize differentiating and high-value solutions. Our experience allows us to focus our efforts on quality service to our clients, as well as on our own processes, improving organizational capabilities. We focus on building for a sustainable future, for us innovation is the engine of change.

I+D strategy

API MOBILIDAD is committed to continuing to be a benchmark in the sector thanks to our vision of continuous improvement to improve both internal and external processes and provide solutions that benefit society in a sustainable way. Our strategy set for the coming years will be to continue investing in Research, Development and Innovation, offering our customers improved products and services, taking into account the opportunities offered by the market, as well as the needs and expectations of our customers and other parties. interested.

In order to meet the objectives and achieve the R+D+i goals, previously defined actions have been created. For this, the people responsible for these actions have the task of directing and coordinating the procedures for the achievement of said plans and obtaining their benefits. In short, thanks to a combination of experience and resources MOBILITY API, the following strategic actions are proposed:
  • The Management considers motivation and training a priority to achieve a dynamic participation of the entire human team, thus improving the research capacity, which will contribute added value to our company.

  • Open innovation is supported, collecting information both internally and externally, identifying opportunities for improvement, implementing those that are feasible and assessing their effectiveness.

  • Establish stable and lasting relationships with companies, organizations and external development groups to address R&D activities that allow greater negotiation capacity and access to new markets.

  • Secure the results of innovation by protecting them in an appropriate way.

  • Support for R&D through direct financing incentives and tax benefits (R&D deductions).

  • Coordination of the financing instruments of the Ministries, public financing agencies and strengthening of the support structure of European programs.

Our Certifications I+D+I