Equality Policy

Effective equality between women and men is a strategic principle in our Corporate and Human Resources Policies, absolutely subject to the integration of the principle of equal treatment and opportunities, implementing active policies that promote female employment in technical and operating professions with the objective of reducing the female underrepresentation and occupational segregation existing in the sectors of our activity.

More specifically, API Movilidad, has reached an agreement with the RLPT and with the most representative unions in the sector on a series of measures that show the unequivocal commitment to equality, ensuring the absence of gender biases, and therefore, of any type of discrimination. whether direct or indirect, correcting any inequality that may occur in terms of hiring, promotion, training, working conditions and occupational health, underrepresentation, equal pay, prevention of sexual and gender-based harassment, in addition to communication, both external and internal, image and language.

In addition, these plans improve the legally established rights for women victims of Gender-Based Violence and Sexual Violence and approve a protocol for prevention and action against sexual and gender-based harassment agreed with the social agents.

To consult the III API Mobility Equality Plan, click Here.