The prevention of occupational risks is one of the strategic pillars of APImovilidad. The company is committed to reaching the highest standards in this matter, thus becoming a benchmark in safety and health, not only of its employees, but also of those of its suppliers, contractors and collaborating companies.


The main challenge lies in designing and implementing a prevention service that meets
expectations. Likewise, the company considers it essential to strengthen its commitment to a culture of prevention and to integrate and optimize resources.

Thanks to the individual commitment of all employees and the involvement of suppliers, contractors and collaborating companies, APImovilidad advances in the construction of the desired prevention culture, approaching its ultimate objective of zero accidents.

APImovilidad’s prevention policy does not only comply with the Occupational Health and Safety regulations that apply in the countries where it operates, but also promotes the integration of occupational risk prevention into the company’s strategy through advanced practices, training and information.

APImovilidad shares the following principles in the management of the safety and health of its employees:

  • Compliance with current legislation and regulations on the prevention of
    occupational risks and other requirements that it voluntarily subscribes.
  • Integration of prevention in all the activities and in all the hierarchical levels, from a correct planning and implementation.
  • Adoption of all measures necessary to guarantee the protection and welfare of
  • Continuous improvement of the system, through adequate training and information on prevention.
  • Qualification of staff and application of technological innovations.